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Warehouse Page.

I no longer have a shop but I have a large number of items in a huge warehouse at Heathrow. Very easy access from J4 on the M4. Visitors welcome but phone first. 0207 385 9271. 

These are old photos and some of these items may have been sold.



The Barn
The warehouse at Heathrow


Customers provide their own transport to take away a statue of St Patrick


Statues in warehouse
Lots of statues in various states of repair.

Lots of Bambinos for the Creche


Choice of incense boats

Loads of vases

Various smaller statues

Selection of wood candle sticks

 Lots of spare crib figures, more than I can show
No complete sets.

Pairs of floorstanding candlesticks.
36 and 42 ins tall

Loads of candle snuffers 
and taper holders.

Arundel Society Prints.
Click on this image to open a page with 18 illustrations of our selection.

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