Nativity .  21X16 inches inc frame. Good condition. 60


Nativity. 16X27 inches  Good condition. 60

Same as above. Excellent print, 70


ST Jerome. 22X31 inches Good condition     40



Pope Enthroned. I think it must be St. Peter. 29h X 31w   Good codition   80
Excellent print


Nativity  by Pinturicchio in Churh of S. Maria del Popolo in Rome.
 19 X 26   Good condition    60  see also No. 10

Adoration of the Kings from a fresco by Pietro Perugino in Cetta della Pieve nr. Perugia
22 X 25   60


NO FRAME. Virgin & Child by Meister Wilhelm.  10 X 21.    20

Christ's Charge to St. Peter from a fresco by Pietro Perugino in the Sistine Chapel
32 X 21    60


From inner wings of folding altarpiece in Lubec Cathedral by Hans Memling.   Good condition  22 X 30   40. See No. 8 below.


Crucifixion. Lubec Cathedral by Hans Memling  Good condition 80.  see No.7 above


St. Stephens Ordination from original by Fra Angelico in St Lawrence Chapel in the Vatican  

 25 X 36   Good condition. 60


Nativity after a fresco by Pinturicchio in S. Maria Del Popolo, Rome.
21 X 28.  Slight wear on frame. Print good. 60


Procession of Kings by Benozzo Gozzoli in Ricarbi Palace, Florence.
35 X 23. Good condition,   60  See also No. 12 and 13 below

Procession of Kings


Angels Adoring. See 11 above for details   35 X 23. 60 Good codition.


Angels Adoring.  See 11 & 12 above.   33 X 22  Good condition.   60


Same print as 12 above but more ornate frame.  NO Glass.  28 X 40 50


Adoration of the Lamb.AAltar  Piece. by the Van Eyck Brothers in Ghent Cathedral
 Central Panel 20X30   Frame tatty.       


2 folding side panels to centre piece above each 15 X 18


Rear of folding panels above


2 folding panels each 15 X 23


Rear of panels above.  Pictures of Adam and Eve naked were removed by Sisters as usual.
Complete set of panels. 180